Grab your buddies… It’s time to Giv’er!

The Killam Marathon Team Relay is a fun event that welcomes corporate groups, charity fundraisers, families and groups of friends to experience the exciting Full Marathon course divided up into eight sections. In teams of 4-8, Relay participants will each run a portion of the Marathon course, running amongst participants from the marathon, half marathon, 15KM and 10 KM participants.  You may choose to let the final runner cross the finish line alone, or you may all run the last part of the route and cross the finish line together as a team.

Approximate distances are as follows:

Leg 1- 5.7KM
Leg 2- 3.3KM
Leg 3- 5.0KM
Leg 4- 7.7KM
Leg 5- 6.0KM
Leg 6- 3.7KM
Leg 7- 6.0KM
Leg 8- 4.7KM

You will wear a timing chip around your waist that will be passed between team members in designated exchange zones.

*** Please note, all eight legs must be completed. If your team has less than 8 people, some members will have to complete multiple legs. If you have any questions regarding the Marathon Team Relay, please email

Race Details

Date: November 8th, 2020

Early Start Time: 7:00 am (for walkers and runners with anticipated finish of 6 hours or more.)

Official Start Time: 8:00 am

Official Race Closure Time: 2:00 pm

Distance: 42.2 KM (organized into 8 legs)

Course Information 

Click here for a downloadable course description.

Click the map for a downloadable pdf.