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Virtual Run

Run here…. Run there…. Run anywhere!

Many of our races – the Emera Blue Nose Marathon, the Night Owl, and the Valley Harvest Marathon – can be completed virtually. From your own front step, the cottage, overseas, WHEREVER, your virtual event can be completed from any location you choose. On the road, on the trail or on the track, you decide. Participants may do a 5KM, 10KM, Half Marathon or Full Marathon! Hit the road with your buddies or alone (safely) OR complete the Marathon as a team tackling the Killam Marathon Team Relay.

For the Marathon team relay, grab your run buddies, friends or family, up to a maximum of eight participants in total, divide up the 42.2KM course, and receive a participant kit for each team member!

Participants will receive the following:

  • Race kit for race signed up for (bib and swag)
  • Finished’er medal or two if you challenge yourself to the Blue Nose Marathon Double Up
  • Digital certificate
  • Ability to upload your results upon completion of your distance

And don’t forget to take pictures! You NOSE we want to see you.

Our friends onboard the HMCS Toronto did their virtual run in 2019 while on deployment in Palermo, Italy.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are! Giv’er!