The Active Living Expo is a two-day vibrant and innovative lifestyle event with something for everybody. With over 80 booths, plenty of fabulous prizes and endless conversations we’re certain that you wont want to miss it.

The Expo provides an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to seek out ways to maintain or take their first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Our unique exhibitors are industry leaders who use the Active Living expo to showcase the latest in a variety of health and wellness related topics, products and services including new technologies, important recovery techniques and healthy recipe building. Many exhibitors often create offers only available during the expo including giveaways, reduced prices and free stuff!

Show hours

Friday May 19, 2017         9 am – 6 pm

Saturday May 20, 2017     8 am – 5 pm


World Trade & Convention Centre, 1800 Arygle Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why Exhibit?

Scotiabank Blue Nose Weekend 2017 will once again engage the imaginations of thousands of participants in a celebration of active living and community. Up to 13,000 participants and volunteers will take part, making Blue Nose the largest marathon east of Ottawa and the Active Living Expo one of the largest lifestyle shows in Atlantic Canada.


Want to be a part of the action? We’ve made it easy for you to apply to be an exhibitor. This year we have added new booth pricing to make it feasible for any business or organization to participate.

Booth Type Size Price Included
Premium 10′ x 10′ $1500 Corner location; 1 draped table @ 6′; 2 chair
Standard 10′ x 10′ $995 1 draped table @ 6′; 1 chair
Basic 5′  x 10′ $595 1 draped table @ 6′; 1 chair
Bulk 1 (25% off Premium) 10′  x 30′ $3375 Premium; 2 draped tables @ 6′; 2 chair
Bulk 2 (25% off Premium) 20′  x 20′ $4500 Premium; 3 draped tables @ 6′; 3 chair

How to Reserve a Booth

Browse our interactive floor plan below to see this year’s exciting layout and who has already signed up to be an exhibitor.

Use your cursor to click on your booth selection and follow the step by step registration process.


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