Youth Run

Are there age limits for the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run?

The Youth Run is open to children and youth 15 years and under as long as the parent feels they can complete the run distance (2KM or 4KM). Youth 16 and older are encouraged to register for the 5KM unless there are special circumstances.

What time do we need to arrive for the run?

If you haven’t picked up your kit (shirt and running bib), you should arrive at the kit pick-up area before 9:30 am on Saturday. All runners must be at the start line on Sackville Street at 10:40 am.

Can I run the 4KM event though I registered for the 2KM?

Yes. Participants are asked to indicate their run distance when registering but can make their final decision regarding distance on the day of the event.

Can I run with my child?

We recognize that for safety, age, or other requirements, an adult may want to run with their child and we leave this to the parent/guardian’s discretion. If there are no special requirements, we encourage adults to cheer for all youth run participants from the sidelines.

Please note: parents who accompany their children on the run DO NOT REGISTER AS A RUNNER, however will have to complete a form within their child’s registration profile. The adult will receive a event bib to be worn while on the course, however, do not receive a T-shirt or medal.

Nobody is permitted on the race course without an official event bib.

Can my child walk instead of run?

Yes. Children are encouraged to complete the route by jogging or jogging/walking; this is not a timed event.

Can I take my younger child with me?

Yes, as long as they are registered for the event. For safety reasons, parents with younger children in strollers must enter a chute for strollers only on Brunswick St, just south of Carmichael.

Can I meet my child at the finish line?

Spectators are not allowed to enter the finish line area unless they are already running with their children. This rule is in place for the safety of the children. The children will be directed into the Celebration Zone upon finishing and receiving their medals. Spectators/parents are encouraged to enter the Celebration Zone and meet their children at a pre-arranged meeting spot.

How am I going to know where to meet my child after the race?

After receiving their finisher’s medal, children are directed into the Celebration Zone.

The Celebration Zone has been organized by “Coloured Meeting Zones” (Purple, Green, Orange and Blue). Within each coloured zone, the sections have been broken down alphabetically so runners can meet by the first letter of their school name. Please make sure you and your child know the colour zone and section where you will meet before heading to the start.

For children not running with a school, please arrange a meeting area in the Celebration Zone with your child prior to the run.

A floor plan and list of meeting areas will be available at the Kit Pickup Area.

We have established a Lost Kids Area with a team of volunteers wearing specific shirts in the Celebration Zone. If parents and children are not able to find each other in the designated zones in the stands, they should go to the Lost Kids Area or find a volunteer wearing a Volunteer shirt.

What happens after the run? Will food be provided for the children?

All participants and family members are invited to the Celebration Zone for the post-run celebration. Refreshments consisting of water, juice and fruit will be provided for runners only. We then encourage everyone to go back outside to cheer on other runners as they cross the finish line. Please be mindful of not crossing the race course in front of runners approaching the finish.

Are there bathrooms on the route?

Portable toilets will be set up at the finish line and there are public washrooms at the Halifax Commons, near the water stop and in the Celebration Zone.

My child’s shirt doesn’t fit; can I exchange it?

Every effort will be made to provide the appropriate size shirt, however, quantities are limited and we regret that we may not be able to accommodate you. If there are shirts remaining at the end of the run Saturday morning, you may be able to exchange an unworn shirt for another size at the shirt exchange table by the registration area. To help you, a t-shirt sizing chart is now available both in this FAQ section and on our registration form.

What precautions have you taken to ensure safety on the route?

The entire route has many course marshals wearing volunteer shirts. At no time will a youth runner will be alone along the route. Medical Personnel identified by RED Volunteer shirts are also on the route. There will also be medics on bicycles patrolling the course during the race.

What happens if my child cannot finish the race?

There are designated vehicles that follow the race participants and they will pick up runners that are unable to finish and bring them to the Scotiabank Centre. If the child is not able to finish due to medical reasons there are ambulances onsite at the run.

Where is the best place to take photos of my child?

Citadel Hill provides an excellent vantage point for taking photos. Professional photographers will be snapping photos at the finish which can be purchased online (using your child’s bib number) at In addition, photo opportunities are also available at the Celebration Zone with the Blue Nose Marathon mascot, Myles.