Race Weekend

Where can I park during Blue Nose events?

The Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon welcomes more than 12,000 participants to the start line each year, we work with over 1,500 volunteers, and welcome hundreds of spectators: Moral of the story, downtown Halifax is a high traffic area during race weekend. The best solution for parking would be to utilize Halifax Transit’s complimentary services during race weekend, which are accessible using your bib or volunteer pass.  (Click here to access a complete list of park and ride locations available through Halifax Transit.)

If you do wish to drive, there are several areas to park in the downtown core.

The Scotia Square Parkade has over 1,700 parking spaces, with ample accessible parking. All parkade levels have access to elevators. The parkade is accessible 24 hours a day from Albemarle and Barrington Streets.

*We are proud to share that Scotia Square will be will be reducing their weekend rate from $20 to $7 for the day (8am to 6pm)and $7 for the night (6pm to 8am) for that Saturday and Sunday.

The Park Lane Parkade has over 440 parking spaces, nine of which are wheelchair accessible. All parkade levels have access to elevators. The parkade is accessible 24 hours a day from Annandale street.

Impark has a number of parking lots, some of which are located at:

-5435 Cogswell Street

-1730 Granville Street

1815 Upper Water Street

1600 Lower Water Street

-5250 Spring Garden Road

How do I receive free transit fare for Blue Nose events?

Halifax Transit is offering free transit fare for volunteers and participants on all buses and ferries during Blue Nose weekend (excluding MetroX and MetroLink). Just show your race bib and they’ll get you to the start line!!

If I ride my bike to a Blue Nose event where can I store it?

You can check your bike in at the Bag Check at the Scotiabank Centre on June 8 and June 9.