Contact the Blue Nose Office to advise us of your decision. This notice must occur before 5:00 p.m. ADT, Wednesday, May 18th, 2022. The Blue Nose Marathon will automatically “carry forward” the participant’s cancelled registration into the next race year! Blue Nose is proud to provide this NO SWEAT REGISTRATION POLICY in lieu of refunds to current year registration fees.

You can contact the Office by email at or telephone at 902. 496.1889 during normal business hours. Registrations after 5:00 pm ADT Wednesday, May 18th are not eligible for the No Sweat Policy. If you would like to reactivate your registration simply contact the Blue Nose Office.


Blue Nose is proud to be one of only a few races that offer registration deferment to future years. However, as a non-profit, we must find a way to recover out-of-pocket costs to order items for each runner in two separate years (i.e. t-shirts, medals, bibs and chips).

Please note there will be a modest fee of $17.50 + HST for all adult no sweat registrants and a $7.50 +HST fee will be charged for re-initiating a youth-run registration.  We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back!

Don’t forget, you can also take advantage of the Transfer Option noted above.

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