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Fill Yer Boots

Fill Yer Boots with unique race experiences across Nova Scotia! The upcoming Blue Nose race calendar includes five exceptional events: the Night Owl 5KM (March 23, 2024), Emera Blue Nose Marathon (May 17-19, 2024), Not Since Moses (August 24, 2024), Valley Harvest Marathon (October 12-13, 2024), and Beat Beethoven (October 23, 2024). If you’re planning […]

Beat Beethoven

Let the Symphony take your breath away in Beat Beethoven Presented by Benjamin Bridge, a unique 7.5KM race against Beethoven’s classics, performed live by Symphony Nova Scotia. Lace up your sneakers and pick up the tempo this September 14, 2023, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While music will be amplified on course, the objective of this […]

Popsicle Run

It’s time to run like you’re a kid again… Before chip-timing technology, races used a popsicle stick method, which, for those who are unfamiliar, was a manual form of timing runners whereby each finisher was handed a popsicle stick as they finished. The numbered popsicle stick indicated the finishing place and finishing times were recorded […]

Night Owl

Hoot! Hoot! Calling all night owls, this race is for you. The Night Owl 5KM is a family-friendly running/walking event that occurs…you guessed it… at night. In its inaugural year and with COVID-19 safety protocols in place, this run took place on Saturday, March 27th* at Point Pleasant Park. The next Night Owl will take […]

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2023 Registration

Valley Harvest Marathon Not Since Moses NEW – Beat Beethoven Night Owl Emera Blue Nose Marathon CLOSED

Virtual Run

Run here…. Run there…. Run anywhere! Many of our races – the Emera Blue Nose Marathon, the Night Owl, and the Valley Harvest Marathon – can be completed virtually. From your own front step, the cottage, overseas, WHEREVER, your virtual event can be completed from any location you choose. On the road, on the trail […]