Updated September 16th:

As we look ahead, and hopefully enter Phase 5 on October 4th, we will continue to follow all public health COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

We will be requiring proof of double vaccination for anyone 12* and over for all our races. It is policy, and we must adhere to the proof of vaccination requirement that will be coming into effect on October 4th. Proof of vaccination will be required at kit pick up.

*We will follow the recommended guidelines from public health with respect to 12-year-olds and double vaccinations.

The following guidelines were developed for our races to deliver a safe event for all involved during this pandemic. The below may change to align with the Nova Scotia Government COVID-19 protocols.

We have conducted a thorough review of the operations of race weekend. We began by examining the event, starting with the very first touch point we have with our participant at kit pick up and continued through until they have left the venue upon completion of their race. We have focused on all aspects of the participant experience including (but not limited to) registration, expo, start line, water stations, finish line, medal distribution, and post-race activities. In developing these guidelines, we have consulted several sources from the Nova Scotia Provincial Government Coronavirus guidelines, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Running USA and more.

Our analysis of the event resulted in a series of operational principles organized around six areas of contagion risk mitigation below:

  • Physical Distancing and Density Reduction
  • Touch Point Minimization
  • Hygiene
  • Education and Communication
  • Participant Self Reliance and Education
  • Virtual Components

With these six areas in mind there are several changes participants can expect to see and experience prior to race weekend and on race weekend itself. We ask that you review these safety measures and consider them before signing up. We realize this may not be the race experience you are looking for and the virtual race may be more ideal for you.


  • Both days and time of Race Kit pick up will be extended to alleviate any possible congestion.
  • Indoor kit pick-up will follow provincial guidelines (mandatory masks and physical distancing).
  • Curbside pick-up will be introduced, minimizing interaction between participants and staff.
  • Kit pick up will not be permitted the day or morning of any race.

Race day:

  • The races will be broke into waves.  
  • Each wave will not exceed the provincial gathering limit. 

Start area:

  • Participants will be required to physical distance (6ft/ 2m) at the race start.
  • Masks will be required at the start and finish area as additional precaution.

On Course:

  • Participants will be required to maintain physical distancing on course at all times.  We kindly ask that participants do not run with their buddy or buddies at the race.
  • Water stations will be available for all races however they are self serve. Participants should also bring their own hydration.

Finish area:

  • Participants will be required to put their mask on upon crossing the finish line.
  • Water will be available at the finish line for all distances.
  • Participants will be required to collect their own medal after crossing the finish line.
  • Participants will be required to collect their own individually prepackaged nutrition after crossing the finish line.

Other things participants can expect to see:

  • Hand sanitizer stations.  These will be placed at high touch point surfaces such as portable washrooms.
  • Event personal with PPE (masks, gloves and hand sanitizer).
  • Increased communication leading up the event about COVID-19 safety protocols and what participants need to know for race day.
  • Signage at the start, on course and finish area reminding everyone of physical distancing.

The following services will not be offered during the pandemic:

  • Expo
  • Race day kit pick up
  • Bag storage for participants
  • Post-race gathering
  • In person awards