About the Scotiabank Charity Challenge

The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising program available at the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon. Participants can make their run/wheel/walk more meaningful by raising funds for a charity in Halifax, or Nova Scotia, or anywhere in Canada! For charities, it provides a platform for a friendly fundraising competition‚Ķhence a “challenge”


To REGISTER your charity for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge contact our Charity Challenge Coordinator Darren Brackley at 902.237.6465, or at charitychallenge@bluenosemarathon.com


CLICK HERE to REGISTER for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon and under the Teams and Fundraising section choose either:

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You nose you want to!


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Visit our FAQs section for the answers to all your Scotiabank Charity Challenge questions.