In 2015, the founding co-chairs Rod McCulloch and Gerry Walsh, recruited a Board of Directors for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon to ensure our continued success as a safe, fun, social and well-governed event in years to come. The board of directors is now comprised of a team of people with a variety of backgrounds; community leaders who have specialist knowledge in community engagement, finance, legal, HR, sponsorship, health & wellness, operations, marketing, technology, risk management and /or governance. The inaugural board of directors was appointed in September of 2015.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Nicholson, Chair

Gerry Walsh, Vice Chair

Rod McCulloch, Treasurer

Laurel Taylor, Secretary

Larry MacEachern

Christine Pound

Michelle Lane

Nick Litte

Jane Elise Bates

Juanita Spencer


Owned by the community and driven by volunteers the Scotiabank Blue Nose has four full time staff and a number of contract positions that support the overall event.

Sherri Robbins, Executive Director

Rochelle Locke, Director, Sponsorship and Expo

Neal Bagnall, Senior Manager, Race Operations