The Blue Nose Marathon began with a dream – that Halifax, Nova Scotia should have its own annual marathon. Realizing that there were many races around the world, we came up with a unique idea. Our marathon would be part of a weekend of events promoting and celebrating healthy living and active lifestyles. As well, we would encourage everyone in our community and beyond to get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, spectator, or participant, be it as a runner, walker, or Nordic walker.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to engage the imaginations of fellow Nova Scotians in a way that inspires them to seek healthy, active and vital lifestyles.


The Blue Nose Marathon is recognized as the community event of the year.

Our Goals

As a volunteer-driven, community based celebration, Blue Nose Marathon will:

  • Serve as a catalyst to promote health, fitness and active lifestyles
  • Encourage the participation of people of all levels, abilities and ages
  • Make a difference in youth attitude’s toward health and fitness
  • Serve as a vehicle for raising significant funds to support the well being of our community
  • Showcase Halifax’s beauty, attractions and sense of community
  • Involve the whole community through participation, volunteering, sponsoring, spectating and fund raising
  • Treat everyone as elite performers – participants, volunteers, spectators, sponsors, suppliers, fundraisers or general public
  • Deliver an ‘extraordinary experience’ for everyone