Team Myles 2018 Ambassador Program

TEAM MYLES is a special initiative for newcomers to walking and running who are pursuing lifestyle and fitness goals. Working together, a group  people will train for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon 5KM or 10KM. For no cost,  team members will work with professionals to set personal goals, as well as learn about exercise, running, technical gear, training, diet and nutrition. Individuals will apply what they learn during weekly training sessions, and support one another as they work toward their fitness goals.

There are two locations for Team Myles in 2018 – Halifax and Truro.

How do I Join Team Myles?

To become a Team Myles Ambassador you must:

  • Be willing to attend two weekly training sessions from March until Blue Nose weekend
  • Commit to fundraising within the Scotiabank Charity Challenge Program
  • Volunteer at Blue Nose events leading up to and including Blue Nose weekend
  • Share your story (the highs and lows!) through blogs, postings, photos and social media. You’ll be amazed how your story motivates others.

Inspire us with your story

Do you dream of becoming fit? Overcoming a life challenge? Receiving your first medal as you cross the finish line at Blue Nose? Tell us your story! Send your application to no later than December 21, 2017.

Be creative! Make a video, write a story, sing a song – just tell us why you’re ready to embark on this incredible journey!

* Please indicate whether you are applying for Halifax or Truro in your application.