Join thousands of others at the 5KM start line and prepare for a highly memorable experience. No other event can offer you a more captivating, challenging and exciting 5 KM race in Atlantic Canada, but you must experience it for yourself.

This event, which falls on Saturday afternoon, is exciting from start to finish. With competitive wheelchair athletes leading the way and spectators clapping and cheering you on from start to finish.

New to running? This is the perfect start.

Experienced runner? Why not warm up with the 5 KM route on Saturday and run a longer distance on Sunday?

Race Details

Date: 20/05/2017

Please Note: New Times

*Competitive wheelchair athletes early start time: 1:59 pm

Official start time: 2:00 pm

Official race closure time: 4:00 pm


* type of chair for this start is a 3 wheeled racing wheelchair, according to the rules of the International Paralympic Committee

Mic Mac Mall 5KM Bursary Program

MMM-Logo-5K bursaryMic Mac Mall and Blue Nose recognize the importance of removing  financial barriers that prevent  individuals from participating in the 5KM Run. We are delighted Mic Mac Mall has made a commitment to support the community through the 5KM Bursary Program, providing free registration spots for the Lifemark 5KM Run.

Check back for the 2018 bursary in winter 2018.

Course Information

Start line is located on Sackville Street, near Queen. Fabulous viewing location on the south side of Halifax Citadel.

Spectator entrance to Scotiabank Centre Metro Centre for the 5KM Celebration Zone is only available through the large service door off Duke Street on the north side of Scotiabank Centre.

Please Note: * This route has been measured and certified at 5.0 KM. Distances displayed on route maps may vary slightly due to calculations provided by the mapping software.

Please familiarize yourself with the route prior to race day.

To view the Lifemark 5KM route map within your own MapMyRun account or App, and to compare your times with others, bookmark the route after logging into MapMyRun.

A print-friendly version of the route map is available here.

A print-friendly written description of the route is available here.