After receiving their finisher’s medal, children are directed into the Scotiabank Centre.

The seating in the lower bowl has been organized by “Coloured Meeting Zones” (Purple, Green, Orange and Blue). Within each coloured zone, the sections have been broken down alphabetically so runners can meet by the first letter of their school name. Please make sure you and your child know the colour zone and section where you will meet before heading to the start.

For children not running with a school, please arrange a meeting area inside the Scotiabank Centre with your child prior to the run.

A floor plan and list of meeting areas will be available at the Kit Pickup Area and on the floor of the Scotiabank Centre.

We have established a Lost Kids Area with a team of volunteers wearing specific shirts in the Scotiabank Centre. If parents and children are not able to find each other in the designated zones in the stands, they should go to the Lost Kids Area or find a volunteer wearing a Volunteer shirt.

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